How to Choose Good Tomatoes

p01-Привоз_СаратовWhile choosing tomatoes, first of all pay attention to their appearance: tomatoes should be of equal size, bright color, without any damages and spots. The riper the vegetable, the brighter the color and the more micronutrients it contains. Red tomatoes have much health benefit than yellow or pink tomatoes, though the last ones are tastier.

Smell tomatoes, they do not have any smell if they were harvested under-ripe and their odour is unpleasant and sour if they are rotten.

Touch these vegetables, a fresh tomato is not soft or hard, it is slightly resilient and juicy inside.
If the flesh of tomato is green and hard with fibers, the vegetables were injected with nitrates. Try not to choose big tomatoes (if they are not “Ox heart”, “Beef”, “Pink giant”), pick vegetables of middle size. It is preferable to store tomatoes not in a fridge but in dark, dry place, they will not lose their wonderful smell.