Our plans


Our tenants’ businesses are constantly developing and expanding. They need modern comfortable equipment, new trading spaces and warehouses which should be convenient for sellers and customers.
We’re not standing still! In 2012 we bought a parcel of land of 25 Ha for building a new wholesale agricultural market “AUGUST“. This parcel of land is located in one of the city’s outskirts, near the federal highway Volgograd-Syzran. This location is convenient for traders from other towns and cities (it excludes the cargo traffic within the city) and for Saratov traders as well.
We plan to build modern trade pavilions and ware houses for volume sales of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and other meat products, milk and milk products, fish and flowers and plants.
The trade experience of such countries as Spain, France, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine help us to work at this project.

Technical data:

  • Total project’s space – 25Ha
  • The number of pavilions – 5
  • Total pavilions’ space – 25 000 sq.m
  • Number of covered pavilions for truck trading – 2 for 500 trucks
  • Parking – 700 park places
  • Hotel – 400 places
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