Black Currant is the Stockpot of Vitamins

sm01-Привоз_СаратовBlack currant is the most popular berry in Russia. Some people like its wonderful taste, and some of them value its health benefit. People in our country believe that this berry has Russian origin; even the word “smorodina” comes from Old Russian word “smorod”, which means “to smell strong”. Historical sources of the XI century prove that people planted black currant.

Health Benefit

Black currant is the most beneficial berry for our health. It contains a lot of vitamins such as vitamin A, P, C, vitamin B complex, phosphoric acid, essential oil, potassium salts, also they contain salts of iron and phosphorus.
Black currant is rich with vitamin C; it fights flue and cold well. Popular medicine advises to eat a lot of black currant people with ulcer, intestine diseases, heart and vessels, kidneys diseases, cancer, diabetes. This berry can help to improve memory.
If you have caught a cold, you can drink tea with black currant 2-3 times a day. Such tea is very good for the immune system.

sm02-Привоз_СаратовBe Careful

People with thrombophlebitis should reduce black currant consumption, because this berry is rich with vitamin K.