Bulgarian pepper – useful properties

Balgar pretsBulgarian pepper is a wonderful vegetable that attracts with its wonderful taste, its crispy flesh and bright coloring. Sweet pepper can become an ornament of any table, and even if it is simply cut into rings and put on a plate, then this dish on the table will be the first to empty. Bulgarian pepper is not only beautiful and tasty, but also very healthy. After all, he is able not only to regain strength and strengthen our body, but also to get rid of some diseases and ailments.

Paprika fruits contain a huge amount of vitamin C — more than in black currant and lemon. In terms of carotene content, sweet peppers are catching up with carrots. Potassium, which is found in paprika fruits, removes excess fluid from the body. The composition of sweet pepper also contains a large amount of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium. There is an opinion that paprika fruits do not accumulate nitrates from the soil.
Sweet pepper is an excellent multivitamin, it will help with anemia, loss of strength, poor appetite, flatulence.
fr0029-Привоз_СаратовScientists advise using Bulgarian pepper to cope with depression, poor sleep and loss of strength. It will be enough to eat one red pepper every day to say goodbye to the depressed state.
For people suffering from allergic diseases, fruits with a weak color – white pepper are more useful. Fruits with a dark green color will bring more benefits to people suffering from diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular system.
Red paprika fruits are able to remove a lot of harmful substances from the body from the outside: radioactive substances, heavy metal salts, particles from the polluted atmosphere. Such pepper will bring more benefits to residents of large cities, smokers, as well as under stress, elevated cholesterol levels in the blood and during recovery periods after long-term illnesses.
Antioxidants contained in pepper purify the blood from low-density cholesterol, are able to rejuvenate cells and thin the blood. Normalization of blood consistency reduces the risk of blood clots, restores blood pressure. In addition, pepper will be useful for those who have low hemoglobin, regular use of this fruit will help to cope with anemia.Vitamin deficiency, which appears in the body as a result of a lack of vitamins, instantly affects the appearance, peeling occurs on the skin, the hair becomes dull, the nails are brittle, Bulgarian pepper is able to correct all this if it is eaten every day. The rich composition of pepper will restore the lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body, improve the condition of dermatitis, can make the skin more elastic, young, hair will become strong and silky, and nails will stop peeling.
Pepper, as a supplier of vitamin A (in large doses), can improve breathing, prevent asthma attacks, the appearance of bronchitis.
The B vitamins contained in pepper improve sleep, mood, hair and skin condition.
Bulgarian pepper is very useful for people of intellectual work and the elderly, because it helps to improve memory and concentration on business. It relieves insomnia, relieves stress and pre-depressive state, relieves excessive tension in the nervous system and muscle tissue.Bulgarian pepper is useful for both men and women. The first one helps to prevent the appearance of baldness, and the second one helps to keep the appearance young and healthy. For women, pepper is especially relevant during pregnancy, because during this period, the bone system and hair are subjected to special stress.

Contraindications for bell pepper

It is not that Bulgarian pepper is harmful in itself, but in some cases it is better to eat as little as possible or exclude it from the diet altogether. What are these cases?
• Coronary heart disease;
• Gastric ulcer and gastritis with a high level of acidity;
• Hypertension;
• Liver and kidney diseases;
In each individual case, a nutritionist or a doctor will tell you when and how much you can eat bell pepper. Let’s just say that these restrictions and prohibitions are due to the fact that this plant contains a lot of essential oils and coarse fiber, which can cause exacerbations of the above diseases.

How to choose pepper

The pepper pod should be elastic, dense, without stains and damage. If the tail is green, it indicates the freshness of the fruit.


Fresh pepper can be stored in the refrigerator for a week. You can pickle pepper, which will preserve up to eighty percent of vitamins, and salt it. However, it is better not to abuse marinades and pickles for hypertensive patients and cores, since salt in canned food leads to an increase in blood pressure. Save pepper for the winter by freezing, so it will be possible to preserve useful substances. You need to wash the pods, remove the seeds, put them in the freezer. It is better to put the pepper in bags. Try to make sure that no more than one serving is included in one package. Do not allow repeated freezing, this will reduce the amount of vitamins. It is not necessary to wash frozen vegetables, defrost them in water so that the same vitamins are not washed out.