PRIVOZ fruits&vegetables wholesale market
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05.00 am - 08.00 pm DAILY

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Wellcome to PRIVOZ!

PRIVOZ is one of the largest retail complexes in Saratov and the only regional wholesale market of agricultural products. PRIVOZ unites producers, sellers and customers of agricultural products. There are open areas of 5 Ha for truck trading, containing 250 trucks, warehouses and there is also a covered mall.
There are four outside gates around the market, customers and sellers can enter the market from Bolshaya Gornaya, Universitetskaya, Sokolovaya Streets. There is a public bus stop near the main gate. The market's car parking has about 100 parking places.
PRIVOZ is visited by 5 000 customers per day. The main target of this market is the creation of good conditions for Russian producers and importers of agricultural products, and also the creation of all necessary conditions for retail. Local producers sell agricultural products of a high quality.

Market's layout


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