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How to Make an Application to Agricultural Grant?

FSBEI "The Russian Engineering Academy of Management and Agro business" started the Federal Educational Initiative, which will help producers of agricultural products to make the right application to Agricultural Grant. Within this initiative in 2013 and 2014 there are educational courses for Russian farmers. Topics of the grants are "Intending Farmers Support 2012-2014" and "Development of Family Livestock Farms on the basis of Country Farms 2012-2014". These educational courses are free.
The application that meets all the requirements will allow the farmer applicant to define and prove all necessary expenses, to increase the chances of state financing. At the same time, such application helps regional commissioners to work with grant applicants. Training is provided in the regional centers with the use of the Internet. Courses are real-life communications within teleconferences during which listeners have a chance to discuss questions with the representatives of Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the leading Russian higher education institutions, banks and other organizations. Listeners can ask questions; discuss the separate moments with each other, and with the lecturers. For more information, please go to  +7(498) 68-73-74-7