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Рынок привоз свежие овощи The huge choice of fruit and vegetables at wholesale prices gives chance to businessmen to purchase products on good conditions. Most of the retail outlets owners in Saratov and the Saratov region, cafes and restaurants buy fruit and vegetables at PRIVOZ. We have a great assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables, planted in Russia and abroad. Customers can buy fruit and vegetables all year round.

We are glad to help every customer. Besides wholesale warehouses and spaces for truck trading, there is a covered mall for retail. Our prices are low. 





Bell pepper's hale



Watermelon Health Benefits




Plum Health Benefits


How to Store Fruit and Vegetables in Winter

Everyone wants to eat fresh fruit and vegetables even in winter, but not everyone knows how to store them and preserve their freshness. If you store fresh fruit and vegetables the right way, they will preserve all the micronutrients. Most of the fruits composed of 95-97% water, and if they lose even 5%, they will look sleepy. It is better not to store all the fruit and vegetables in one cold place, first of all overhaul them and throw out damaged ones. The temperature should be +3 - +10°C.

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Corn Health Benefits


How to Choose Good Tomatoes



Black Currant is the
Stockpot of Vitamins


About Raspberry

04 2Russian women like to cook raspberry jam. People began to cultivate this berry in the 3rd century BC. Besides wonderful taste, raspberry has a great benefit for our health. It is rich with various vitamins and micronutrients. Heat treating does not destroy these micronutrients, so even the raspberry jam or dried berries are good for our health and can fight various diseases.

Raspberry is low caloric so you can eat it even if you are keeping diet. This berry improves metabolism, protects vessels and prevents heart from attacks. Raspberry is also rich with pectin and salicylic acid. This berry is like a natural aspirin.

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About Pomegranate

c01Pomegranate is rich with such micronutrients as ferrum, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, silicium and also phytoncids, bioflavonoid, tannin, fiber, fruit sugar, citric acid, vitamin B complex, vitamins A, C, D, PP. This fruit is recommended for people with kidneys, liver, heart, lungs diseases. Pomegranates can lower high arterial pressure. And they are also good for women who have climacterium female. But in this case the fruit should be eaten with seeds, because they are rich with estrogens.


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How to Choose Good Tangerines?

No one can imagine New Year’s winter holidays without tangerines. Russian people eat these wonderful fruits during the whole winter. Beside the nice taste, tangerines are very healthy.

They are good for our appetite and metabolism. Also these fruits are rich with calcium, phosphorus, ferrum, magnesium, natrium, silicium and also phytoncids, bioflavonoid, lutein, zeaxanthin, choline. Tangerines are always nitrates free, because of the citric acid in their compound.

There are a lot of tangerine sorts in the Russian market; we distinguish sorts of tangerines according the name of the exporting country.

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How to Choose Persimmon?

Persimmon is a very popular fruit in Russia; it is low caloric, so it is very healthy for those people, who keep a diet. This fruit improves digestion, can fight intestines diseases and has a good diuretic effect.

Persimmon is rich with fruit sugar, glucose, vitamins C and P, ferrum. The last one is beneficial for people with anemia. Magnesium can fight kidneys diseases, Vitamin A improves vision. This fruit is very rich with iodine, so it is recommended for people with hyperthyroid.Persimmon protects human organism from cancer cells, people, who eat this fruit regularly can protect the lungs from cancer. Heavy smokers should take this fact into consideration.

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About Pineapple Guava

010What is pineapple guava health benefit? This fruit is rich with iodine as well as, for example, sea foods. Also pineapple guava has much of vitamin C, fruit sugar, glucose, pectin, fiber in its compound. This fruit is very beneficial for people with atherosclerosis, pyelonephritis, and flue. These micronutrients live in the fruit's skin, so it is better to eat pineapple guava without peeling it.

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